Gartner Events App Reviews

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Excellent app! So useful.

Excellent to use for planning event tracks to attend, provide feedback and learning about the speakers. The doc interface allows viewing of the material as well.Helps in networking with other conference delegates and keeps you up to date on last minute changes.

Great functionality, inconsistent performance

A must-have for attending a Gartner event, no doubt. Performance and UI complaints: - it just freezes sometimes. My other apps don’t do this. I’m guessing that it’s during a sync or information retrieval. When it freezes I can’t scroll, select, etc. - it tries to be too smart on some screens, such as auto-scrolling to “now”, etc. Problem is that it doesn’t always do so promptly, resulting in missed or inaccurate selections. - the ease of de-selecting agenda items also means that it’s easy to miss and hit the wrong one. When looking at “my agenda” it would be preferable to either require confirmation or entering edit mode to remove. Since there are no alternative apps I know that I’m shouting down a well. Between sessions today there’s not much else to do.

Prioritize my list

I was extremely disappointed in the usability of this app. At a minimum, the ability to prioritize and rank multiple talks that occur at the same time would make the discovery and selection of talks more effective.

Intuitive app

Very well written and helpful during the conference. Thank you.

Forces you to login daily

Why is it necessary to log us out so frequently? Every day I have to login again despite the check box that says “remember my login”. Between that and the ad that displays every time you launch the app, it really limits the value. Attendees at a Gartner event need a quick way to find their next session. Frankly, I just copied the events to my personal calendar as a workaround.

Overly busy, hard to update your profile

Nothing special. Too many buttons. Keep it simple Gartner.

Love the app and extremely helpful

Extremely helpful while you are in an event. You don’t have to keep referring to the physical agenda and keep searching for the venue. This app reduces lot of your effort to help you attend the right event, help you the find the location and taking notes too. This app also allows you to download the content right to your phone so that you don’t have to take photos of the slides.

Indispensable app for navigating Gartner conferences

Extremely useful for browsing Gartner’s extensive conference session options and building a coherent agenda, and then navigating to your sessions once on site. Would rate 5 stars if there was a way to add personal items to my agenda, like 1:1 networking meetings with other attendees or Gartner EP, or a phone calls I need to make back to the office. It’s hard to manage the day from both app and calendar at once, and while export to calendar is ok, I lose all the other benefits of navigating from within the Events app. Please add a feature to “add personal plans”!

Big help at the Data & Analytics Conference

I imported the agenda from the web application and was ready to go. Switching around the sessions is super easy and the maps make finding session locations a breeze.


No more do I have to carry around a bunch of paper.


The app crashed one time. I had to reinstall it to work again. Otherwise, it is very useful. I use it the whole day to plan and navigate.

Beats paper

Almost everything you need to manage your event. Calendar sync was not automatic to G calendar, and it would be great to see which events are being recorded.

Good App But a Pain to Find and Install

Very useful but Tech Support needs to do a better job for set up. This includes the App Store which is a real pain to work through.

Tech difficulties and poor organization

For some reason the app would not sync with my agenda leaving me flying blind for day one. In general, the app lacks functionality--like being able to filter for open sessions against my agenda and seeing my agenda in a calendar view. It would also be nice to allow the app to insert each session on my agenda into my calendar on mobile device.

Perfect app for the conference

Love it. Could not be successful without it.

Great Navigation Too

Great tool for getting around the conference and all his events. This application is awesome.

Essential app for the conference

This application is essential to navigate the packed ITxpo Symposium. The challenge with the conference is that most of the key sessions are full within two days of when Gartner opens up the session registration. Your only option is to show up at a session that indicates it is full and see if there are available seats. I am told that this always works however there is no way to track these full sessions in the app as potentials to attend. It would be nice - let me rephrase - it is essential to add some type of wait list function to effectively track sessions you want to attend.

Best in class participant event app

Content, agenda, downloadable materials, engagement... it's all in the app!

I'm impressed!

Attending my first Gartner conference and loving the convenience of the app!! No more digging for...where am I to go next?

Makes event prep so easy!

I love having the whole event agenda in my pocket. The app is very easy to use.

Great way to customize my agenda

Access to personalized agenda is best feature.

Makes a great event better

The Gartner event navigator adds to the overall experience at the Gartner events. I can take notes and follow along with the presenters slides. It even features a location map so I don't get lost.

Great agenda and tracking

2014: My conference went smoothly because I used this app to get me where I was going. Especially for the last minute planning. 2017: Enhanced app includes games and great way to keep track of connections.

Excellent conference app!

I've probably used six or eight conference apps, and this one is by far the best and easiest to use. This is the bar all others should be aiming for.

Great app

Fantastic app to use at a G event.

Excellently good

For anyone experienced in what it takes to create event support apps and use them, it should be obvious that this app started ok, is now good, and on the way to Great! Everything in one place. Flexible and versatile. Sure, it can get better, and it will. Nothing else is as good in my experience. Looking forward to the next release...

Great idea, too many annoying bugs

Over a period of few days, Oauth fails and yet does not offers you the opportunity to re authenticate. Notes taking is useless as text becomes inaccessible after 5 lines. Home button upper left causes the App to drop in the background, not allowing to go to another event or logout/login. Feedback page pops up error messages. Etc. Terrible experience.

Very good, except shows an advertise at every launch

The apps is pretty good, but until they stop putting an advertisement at every friggin launch, it gets 1 star.

Excellent if you are at a Gartner event

Love the improvements since last year. Everything in one place. Could use venue maps.

Half thought out

Looks like it was designed to lighten onsite staff required for agenda management and fakes the idea its about engagement with peers. Features are faux for engagement.


Awesome app

Great app highly interactive

Makes attending Gartner events so much easier

Great App - almost 5 star

Fantastic features. Great content. Would be amazing if it showed "gaps" in your schedule. Would also be nice to see your availability when scanning the event schedule (easier to fill any gaps).

Good app

Nice features

Great App

Makes conference planning and navigation so easy. The app gets better every year.

Good app

Excellent access to agendas, love the game!

ITxpo 2016

App is stable. A must have for the symposium...

Must have for symposium

Gartner packs more and more into Symposium. This app allows you to maximize your time and lessen the "where should i be now" stops. Improvement would be better directions to central registation, better management of restricted attendance events

Works great

Works great

Reaching Value

This app is hitting its usefulness. Gartner is providing more resources including bios and most importantly slides

Essential for Gartner Attendees

If you are going to a Gartner event make sure to get this app. Everything you need to make the most of the event is in one app.


Doesn't work well with iphone. I provide survey feedback on events I've attended and continue to receive error messages and my survey feedback is then not submitted.

Some Good, Some Bad

Liked: Easy access to meeting content, ability to rate presenters and content and provide feedback. Didn't like: Attached files can not be opened into other apps, just viewed. App does not support split screen. This would have made not taking much easier. Not the fault of the app (perhaps) but meeting content was often missing or different than what was presented.

Works great

Good app for navigating Gartner events.

Worth the Time!

If you want to get the most out of your conference experience download the Gartner app. It has maps, contacts, session descriptions, etc.

Not as productive as it used to be

Used to be able to take the pdfs and move it in to a productive to like Notability to takes notes. Would like to have that feature back.

Works well

Works well

Very useful app!

This app made my conference experience all the better. Good look Gartner!

Works well

My expectations were low, so my satisfaction is high. Helpful tool to guide me through the Gartner Digital Marketing conference.

Great app!

Well designed and works well

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